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What is the difference between fruits and vegetables?

And again it turns out: It’s not quite as simple as we thought …

The german term Obst (fruit) descends from the Old High German word obez — side dish, and meant everything that was consumed except for bread and meat. So fruit was seen as the same as leguminous plants, vegetables and the like.

Today it is a collective term for the fruits that humans can enjoy and seeds from old trees and bushes, which can to the largest part be eaten (fresh fruit). A clear criteria for a separation from the vegetable is only with difficulty possible, however the sugar content is usually higher in fruits. — botaniacally viewed —, fruits usually develop from a fertilized bloom, but vegetables develop from other plant parts. Peppers, tomatoes, corguettes, gourds and cucumbers are fruit, but rhubarb is a vegetable.

Fruits in trade are usually allocated as follows:

Fruit particularly contains many vitamins, dietary fibers, fruit acids, fructose, minerals and tanning agents. Depending on the fruit, situation, weather and storage the composition, they can greatly differentiate.