An Overview of the Markets of Europe

Our purchasers with their trucks are personally present several times per week on the important Northern Italian and Southern French wholesale markets. Despite the meaningful and inevitable commercial standards for fruit and vegetables, there are small differences between outstanding and normal qualities within the classification borders. And this difference can only be determined by surveying the produce locally!

The green wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf

Since 1916, the Viennese Naschmarkt has served as a wholesale market for fruit and vegetables. Due to a lack of rail connections at the time, only domestic produce was traded — for imported goods, the freight railway station Matzleinsdorf was used as the provisional trans-shipment centre. For more than 50 years, the wholesale dealers and grocery stores (in Vienna the grocers are called Greissler) had to cope with this provisional solution until 1972 when the new wholesale market Vienna-Inzersdorf with a total area of 300.000  was opened at the southern outskirts of town. This was chosen, on one hand, because the plot of land was available and on the other hand, it had good transport connections (motorway connections A2, A1 over A21, A23 as well as the Pottendorfer line rail connection); today the wholesale market is located in the industrial area, Vienna-Inzersdorf.

Today, there are approximately 100 wholesale dealers and importers of the larger than 40,000  built-up area of the wholesale market,Vienna-Inzersdorf while there are a further 100 or so producers on an approximately 25,000 m² open area, which trade in fresh fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, in the proximity of the wholesale market, there is a flower hall as large as 8,000  with about 150 producers, importers and wholesale dealers.

In addition to its original function of supplying the metropolitan area of Vienna and Eastern Austria with fresh fruit and vegetables, the wholesale market today is also frequented with traders from former Eastern Bloc countries — in particular Poland and Hungary.

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Some other european wholesale markets: